The Strategy of the Company

«Ort sondirushi» JSC is a professional and competitive company in the market of works and services in the field of fire and industrial safety, meets the highest standards of quality and safety in their operations.

The mission of the Company is to ensure the security of strategically important, explosive facilities, critical infrastructure, and settlements of the Republic of Kazakhstan by creating professional firefighters and rescue departments to reduce risks of fire and other disasters, as well as the formation of the market works and services in the field of fire safety.

The Company sets targets, creates conditions for their employees, allowing increasing the level of professional knowledge and skills to realize and develop their potential, have a perspective for future career.

Strategic Purpose

To become one of the leading companies in the Kazakhstan market for the provision of works and services in the field of fire safety.


  • «Ort sondirushi» JSCwill be developed as an integrated company and provide a system of comprehensive security in the protected sites.
  • Growth will be achieved through high-performance execution of works and services for fire and industrial safety:
    • strategically important and highly explosive organizations and facilities of the republic;
    • industrial and industrial-production zones on the basis of its share of subjects areas;
    • rural areas where there are no subdivisions of the state fire service.
  • «Ort sondirushi» JSC will focus on:
    • introduction of modern technologies and equipment for the prevention, fire and emergency situations suppression;
    • production, upgrading and repairing the fire fighting vehicles and equipment;
    • production of fire hoses all standard sizes;
    • production of foam agents for general purposes;
    • hold strong positions in fire protection of facilities and organizations;
    • development the professional skills of employees.

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