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«Ort sondirushi» Joint Stock Company is one of the largest operators in the market of professional work and services in the field of fire safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

«Ort sondirushi» JSC created by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan with 100 % state participation in the authorized capital to carry out nation-wide tasks in the field of fire safety.

The sole shareholder is the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Being subordinate to the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, «Ort sondirushi» JSC retains all the basic principles and methods of work organization, training system, providing high combat readiness and skilled workforce.

In 2008, the Company established production facility, reconstruction and modernization of the fire trucks. Together with the Japanese company has mastered the production of fire-fighting tank on the chassis of Isuzu.

JSC "Ort sondirushi" has organized the production of pressure fire hoses of all standard sizes from 19 to 150 mm in diameters (Ø).

The Company is a domestic commodity producer of synthetic hydrocarbon foam agent, designed to extinguish fires of A and B classes, including the non-polar flammable liquids, hydrocarbon fuels, oil and oil products, mineral and synthetic oils.

«Ort sondirushi» JSC has a dealership agreement for the supply and sale of goods and services with a number of large industrial manufacturers of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Slovak Republic and other countries. We can supply any modern fire-technical products, fire equipment, necessary to ensure the safety of objects.

The Company is actively involved in the construction and maintenance of integrated security systems in protected industrial enterprises, provides design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of automatic fire extinguishing and alarm systems.

It was founded «Specialized Training Centre for Civil Protection» LLC (STC CP) for the organization of vocational training of non-fire services, as well as professional organizations and training facilities for fire and safety.

The main objective is to improve the «STC CP» LLC principles and methods of training by integrating the educational process, organized in a corporate training system, with non-professional activities of fire services. Organizational chart model of integration provides for the acquisition of professional skills of fire and fire-rescue vehicle in the simulation of different ways with the closest approximation to real conditions of service and developing practical actions to protected sites within the allocated area of responsibility.

The Company is a participant in the project to create a training center of the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO). In conjunction with the Department of Learning, Planning and Development Secretariat ICDO organized courses in order to study the international experience in management and organization of cooperation to ensure the safety of industrial facilities, areas and populations with man-made disaster.

Our position in the market of works and services is characterized as the desire to create a system of comprehensive security, continuous improvement in the quality of work and balance of indicators such as efficiency and reasonable cost.

«Ort sondirushi» JSC has many years experience in the protection against fires, more than 500 strategic, explosive objects, and critical infrastructure of the country.

Development of the «Ort sondirushi» JSC at the expense of attracting new technologies, upgrading facilities and equipment, expand the types of works and services, system integrated approach to fire safety and implementation of emergency response industries, national companies and large enterprises.

To ensure the safety policy, explosive manufacturing facilities, critical infrastructure are multi-professional, well-equipped, supported by modern technology division, which, along with firefighting can carry out rescue, gas – safety work to provide emergency medical care, as well as other activities in the field of security.

To ensure the work in the atmosphere unfit for safety respiration in all parts of the fire service has gas-and-smoke-defense service.

Fire departments of the Company operate the radio frequencies assigned to the bodies of the Fire Service MES RK, allowing them to interact with the joint efforts to extinguish fires.

«Ort sondirushi» JSC has approval to operate with state secrets, and execution of works and services in the field of fire security at sensitive sites.

The Company has implemented Quality Management Systems and Management of Health and Safety, approved by the certificates of conformity.

Branches of «Ort sondirushi» JSC are in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also in Astana and Almaty cities.

Акционерное общество «Өрт сөндіруші» Акционерное общество «Өрт сөндіруші»


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